Electric Pressure Washers

Electric Cold Water Pressure Washers are used throughout industry for maintaining equipment and keeping the general surroundings a safe clean place to work. Electric Cold Water Pressure Washers come in a variety of designs, performances and prices.
Specifications to consider are Working Pressure ( BAR / PSI ) Water Flow Rate ( Higher flow better clean ) Pump / Motor Speed( 1450 RPM better ) Power Supply ( 240V / 110V / 415V - high voltage = higher performance ) and whether the machine has a built-in chemical tank or external chemical hose.
Pressure Washers have many accessories available to increase productivity, such as Turbo Lances, Drain Hoses, Sandblasters etc but accessories can be specific to a particular make of machine therefore check before purchasing.

This is only a small selection of the available commercial electric pressure washers. If you cannot find an appropriate model, please email for more details.

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